(blind self portrait, 2008)

Intro to me:

Currently Toronto based. I am a foresight analyst and strategic game designer. I graduated from OCADu in Toronto with my Master of Design in Strategic Foresight and Innovation as the President’s Scholar. I have a degree in Knowledge Integration (bki) at uWaterloo – a program about connecting knowledge to solve complex problems.

I’m always interested in discussing strategy on special projects.

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Major Interests:

Collective Intelligence Design & Harnessing Serendipity

My overarching interest is in the philosophy and science of information as applied to economics and cognitive science and specifically: sustainable and equitable economic growth. also interested in understanding networks and decision-making to design for behaviour change in complex systems – a topic at the intersection of economics, cognitive science and transdisciplinary design.

This site includes:

check out my portfolio, some select special projects, my blog and cv on this website. Please remember that the site is highly abridged. Please email me at gcevamyhill[at] for more information.

Please note that most of my recent work in strategic foresight is not included on this site. Please contact me for a portfolio of these works.

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