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*Collective Intelligence Design & Harnessing Serendipity*

Preface: always interested in discussing strategy on special projects.

I am currently interested in the future of local economic development. I also created the speculative economic futures project, maplesync, in May 2020.

I am currently attending OCADu in Toronto for my Master of Design in Strategic Foresight and Innovation as the President’s Scholar.

I have a degree in knowledge integration (bki) at uWaterloo. it’s a program about connecting knowledge to solve complex problems.

I founded Canoe Joint-Canadian Undergraduate Programs in 2014. It’s an initiative that will graduate diverse and connected students who will lead Canada towards our bicentennial in 2067. It is a long term economic development initiative for Canada. Please let me know if you are interested.

my overarching interest is in the philosophy and science of information as applied to economics and cognitive science and specifically: sustainable and equitable economic growth. also interested in understanding networks and decision-making to design for behaviour change in complex systems – a topic at the intersection of economics, cognitive science and transdisciplinary design.


I like to walk and draw and read and cycle and wander and build LEGO. i’m figuring out what the good life might be. See links below to my twitter and Instagram where I am very active.

check out my portfolio, some select special projects, my blog and cv on this website. Please remember that the site is highly abridged. Please email me at gcevamyhill[at] for more information.


This site includes:

  1. Never Events Exhibit – an alternate history based teaching tool
  2. Calgary 2164 Exhibit  – a future focused synthesis I did in 2010
  3. Portfolio – my full integrated creative package
  4. Science & Poetry – my experiments in cognitive economics and my twitter poetry
  5. Writing downloads to my essays, links to my most important papers
  6. Blog – somewhat active, perhaps more so on
  7. Contact information – Let me know what you think!

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