there will be robots


Life in 2164, and for at least a hundred years prior, will be defined by robots and Artificial Intelligence. Technological Singularity is expected to be reached by the mid 21st century, and from that point forward humanity will be drastically different. Technological Singularity is the idea that, at the currently exponential rate that we are developing computer systems, we should eventually reach a point when computers become smarter than humans.

It will be extremely difficult to guess what a post-Singularity humanity will look like because it is impossible to predict how true artificial intelligence will think or act. Assuming that robots doesn’t supersede us evolutionarily, making us irrelevant- or destroy us outright- we can guess that AI will probably make us happier.

Benevolent and super intelligent AI would see life and reality from a completely different perspective, and change the world drastically- perhaps allowing us to get past some of the base human instincts which dictate our everyday actions and limit our perspective (main purpose, to reproduce) , and allow us to achieve a utopian ideal.

In another, less abstract way, super-intelligent AI that chooses or is designed to work in partnership with us will allow us to solve the big problems of the world. Society has a short term bias to problem solving, with only additive improvements, whereas independent minded machines helping us may be able to help us find composite solutions to our problems. Additionally, we will be able to use this artificial intelligence everywhere, helping us to optimize everyday processes.

Consider that the most powerful force in chess right now is not the Grandmaster, nor the Supercomputer- it is an average joe combined with average computer chess software. Humans augmented by machines leads to a promising future.