Recommended Reading, Listening & Viewing

This work was a synthesis of my thinking, reading and listening over entirety of high school.


A Fair Country(2008)- John Ralston Saul
Cradle to Cradle(2002)- William McDonough & Michael Braungart The Corporation(2004)- Joel Bakan
The Death and Life of Great American Cities(1959)- Jane Jacobs The Next 100 Years (2009)- George Friedman
The Upside of Down(2006)- Thomas Homer Dixon
The World Without Us(2007)- Alan Weisman
Y: The Last Man(2002-2009)- Brian K. Vaughan


TED (speeches)
-Pete Alcorn on “The World in 2200” (2009)
-David Cameron on “The Next Age of Government” (2010) -Philippe Starck on “Why Design?” (2007)
-Janine Benyus shares nature’s designs (2005)

Essays & Magazine/ Web Articles

Confronting the inevitable: Population reduction, voluntary and otherwise (2008) – Dr. J. Kenneth Small, Kenyon College

U.S. Cities may have to be bulldozed to survive (2009) – NY Times

Kardashev Scale (2010) – Wikipedia

Marshall McLuhan (2010) – Wikipedia

Halopedia (2010) (2010) The Original Futurama (2007)

-Wired Magazine Issue 15.12
Singularity Series: “Utopia Force” & “AI: Decades, Not Centuries” (2010)

-Good Magazine
How to survive the coming century (2009)

-New Scientist
Q&A: Ken Greenberg on the Future of Urban Planning (2010)

-Good Magazine Vertical Farms (2009)

-Scientific American
15 Ways to fix the world (2009)

-The Atlantic


The Living City (2009)- “From Within Outward”, Frank Lloyd Wright Retrospective



Expo Calgary 2164 could not have been completed without the volunteer assistance and commitment of the following individuals. I can’t thank these people enough for the tremendous roles they played in making it possible for me to realize this vision.

So, here they are: thank you Mr. O’Brien for sharing you artistic experience to help me in getting started on the physical model itself and material problem- solving;
Mr. Ruskay, who gave huge conceptual guidance over the course of the project, and also provided the outline of Marxist Historical interpretation in IB History 30; Mr. Shaw and Mr. Lederer for being scientific advisors, among other topics; Mom for your general support through the project as well as editing/ landscaping; Nana for providing a most pragmatic perspective in order to keep the project & concepts at least somewhat realistic; Dad for providing good conversation about the topic;Peter Warshawski for laying down Altadore; Mr. Roth & the OE Department for a temporary storage space; Identity Marketing Group Inc. for loaning me the permanent space to work on it; Strathcona- Tweedsmuir School for providing me with the programming opportunities, the space, and some of the means to complete the project.

I would like to make a very special thank you to two people in particular. Firstly, my step-Dad Rick Stelmachuk for a very significant contribution to the project. Thank you for providing assistance along every step of the way towards completing the physical model, right from the planning to the engineering of the completed display. A project of this scale and ambition would not have been achievable without a capable handyman-problem solver available at all time.

And of course, thank you Ms. Carlson for being a mentor through this project and since grade 7. The opportunity to do this project, and other challenging ones over the years, has been incredible. Your advice for me on this project and the help along the way has been invaluable. By teaching us through the lense of the principles of design and the design process ,you are preparing and have prepared a generations of STS students to be thinkers able to effectively problem solve and problem set. I’m confident that this will greatly beneficial to whatever we choose to do in life.

Thank you again to these people and their belief in my vision.