curriculum vitae


Please see my LinkedIn for my full cv. A pdf, condensed copy of my CV with references is available upon request. Email me here.

My CV and Resume are available for viewing on google docs.

Organizations that I have worked for(ordered by alphabetical theme then chronological):

  • Consulting
    • Overlap Associates
  •  Design
    • DIALOG (Calgary office)
  • Education
    • SAIT, Alumni & Development Department
    • Canoe Joint-Canadian Undergraduate Programs Project
    • Alberta College of Art and Design (artist-in-residence)
    • University of Waterloo, Department of Knowledge Integration
  • Energy
    • TransCanada Pipelines, Prince Rupert Gas Transmission Project
  • Government
    • Canadian Forces (Army Reserve)
  • Manufacturing/Technology
    • Eau Claire Distillery
    • Kirloskar Brothers Limited (India)
    • DIRTT/Ice Edge
  • Sports and Recreation
    • Calgary Polo Club

Organizations that I have volunteered for (ordered by alphabetical theme then chronological):

  • Economic Activism
    • Rethinking Economics Canada
  •  Education
    • Strathcona-Tweedsmuir School Alumni Association
    • Knowledge Integration Student’s Society
    • Queen’s University Commerce Society
  • Entrepreneurship
    • Enactus SAIT
    • Manhattan Road Project (IncuBeta)
  • Journalism
    • Imprint (student newspaper of uWaterloo)
  • Political
    • The Alberta Party
  • Poverty Alleviation
    • Inn from the Cold
    • Feed the Hungry
  • Youth
    • The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Canada
    • Project 2050 (Banff Centre)
    • Canadian Roots Exchanges
    • Rotaract (associated)
    • RoundSquare International

Educational institutions (ordered by greatest to least duration of time attended):

  • Strathcona-Tweedsmuir School, Okotoks (AB)
  • University of Waterloo, ON
  • Alberta College of Art and Design, Calgary
  • Daly College, Indore, India (exchange)
  • Open Source Ecology, Global Village Construction Set Short Course in Guelph (ON)

Themes of Personal Work (see under writing index)

*in order of quantity of work produced with each (which roughly aligns with passions)

  1. Philosophy of Economics (thesis)
  2. Higher Education & Economic Development
  3. Intrapreneuralism (see under CV on main menu)
  4. Doing Innovation and Creativity
  5. Feminist Epistemologies and Social Change
  6. Strategic Foresight
  7. Communications/Information Theory
  8. Cognitive Economics (on the main menu)
  9. Storytelling/poetry
  10. Climate Change
  11. Business art
  12. Rethinking Economics
  13. Opening up new transdisciplines
  14. Meta