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Some may disagree with this point immediately, citing national pride surrounding the most recent Olympics. Not to say Canada does not have a strong identity now, but the events of the future will lead Canada to have a more unique and homegrown identity. It’s happening right now.

Canada has always been a nation that has thought of itself as a colonial offshoot of European civilization, and has been uncomfortable with its own identity even at strongpoints. We will find, in future years, as John Ralston Saul says, that we are a “Fair Country”, based in fact on a Metis heritage of egalitarianism and negotiation over violence. We will find that Canada is the place to be, and successful future generations of young Canadians will not choose to move abroad.

Going forward, Canada will become ever more a nation of immigrants. As the baby boomer generation slowly disappears and current Canadians reproduce below the replenishing rate, we will require more and more professionals from around the world to take their place. The movement towards cities will only accelerate, and Canadian cities will become ever more dynamic and lively.

As the planet warms, Canada will become a warmer and economically productive place. At the same time, environmental refugees from coastal and desertified areas will be shepherded into places like Canada. It will be a drastically different place, but a place where the traditions of a Canadian past and dynamic immigrant future build a country which is the “promised land” for all. No longer will people feel they need to search for the answers in old Europe, but the place will be here. Canada will come to terms with itself.