The World in 2164

We cannot predict the exact events of the future. But, based on patterns of history and current events, logical extrapolation of human progress, and an acknowledgement the big ideas of our time, we can at least develop a picture of what the future might look like.

What is essential is that we as individuals maintain a big picture and long view of our world. Every action we take, big or small, has an impact on our collective future. It is with vision and knowledge that we direct ourselves into building an ever better life for all.

Assembled here are some of the most prevalent, popular, and logical predictions for our future. Some are trends, and some are big ideas. But all take into account the “known unknowns” and fundamental truths about humanity’s future. Some may find these factors disturbing while some may find them exciting and full of prospect. In any case they embody the essence of futurism today, and are predicted based on current events and past trends. They are ideas which must be dealt with going forward.

But what is different about this collection, with this model, is to see these trends and ideas as an optimistic vision of the future, according to one specific place. Acknowledged is that the 21st century has a high probability of critical converging events occurring in a very short time frame. It will be a turning point for humanity, a time that in the far future will be considered essential in understanding the history of Humanity. There are great changes that await us in our current century and the next; historically, tremendous change has lead to tremendous chaos. We must approach the future with optimism, so we may face coming challenges with solidarity as a species in a way that ensures we prosper for millennia to come.

These are the elements that will be shaping our world, and our city, by 2164.