pax terra


Contrary to popular belief, the 21st century will not be the Chinese century. The 21st century will be the first true Great American Century.

The United States is still a young and dynamic nation, where China has a huge income gap and major internal tensions, likely leading it to collapse as a viable contender to world power by the 2020s. America’s culture leads the world. America is by far the wealthiest nation on earth. America continues to be unchallenged in its military might, controlling the worlds oceans and the most prosperous continent on earth, North America. North America, like Europe before it, is really the centre of the world- with presence in both oceans, a huge resource base and relative underpopulation, the opportunity lies here. Whoever controls North America will control the world, at least in this paradigm.

But by 2164, America will be gone along with all other nations states, giving way to a looser and more regional society unified by a global government. The United States will dim as it will face huge competition from Mexico for both land and prosperity in the early 22nd century. But in a typical American fashion, the US will decide its own fate and the world. The fall of the United States will be glamourous, giving way to a World Government of some kind created by and in the image of the former United States, by the mid 22nd Century. This world government would be based in a revitalized district or province serving as a centre for our species, what is currently Ethiopia, the birthplace of Homo Sapiens, and the in the only continent where humans are native.