brave new world


Though the title is ironic and the subject matter seems to be wildly idealistic, current trends and a bit of speculation indicate that it is maybe not so far out. Because of major changes in demographics, social structure and migratory patterns throughout the world, there exists a a situation where ingrained sexism and racism combined evolve themselves out of this world. Also, advancements in medicine will lead to life spans as long as 150 years for those who choose, or can afford.

Statistics show that even now, women around the world will be having far fewer children than they have in previous generations. In fact, in Canada the birthrate will be less of the replenishing rate (1.9 children per woman, the amount required to maintain the current population) within the next 50 years. This is an indicator of the rising social status and level of education of women around the world, a key element of any substantial change in a patriarchal society. Eventually, for all intents and purposes, an employed and empowered female population will reform a species that has been focused on the male gender. It is hard to say exactly what civilization will look like in this new epoch, but an element that one can be sure of is that women will have equal standing, if not greater standing, than men in future society.

At the same time as the replenishing rate is reached, a huge wave of retiring baby boomers will make an unprecedented impact on the nations of the western world. Contrary to popular belief, this will not strangle skilled labour in the western world, but bring on a cultural and societal revolution of sorts. To fill the labour void, we shall be bringing the most immigrants to Canada in our nation’s history. At the same time, more people will be migrating around the world than ever as environmental crises (see Cradle to Cradle) will rapidly move environmental refugees and other populations.


The result of this movement of people all around the world will create more diverse and international cities and regions will lead to fusion of cultures and societies, not so much into a global “unisociety”, but into dynamic regional centres of culture. The effect of diverse populations in smaller areas living in civil societies and a general unity as human beings through the crises of the 21st century will encourage people to reproduce without prejudices. The fusion of different “populations” will, over time lead to new generations of humans who come from a more diverse genetic makeup, whose lineage is made up from a “melting pot” of human “ethnic” background. This evolution will happen exponentially over generations, and will reduce the importance of “ethnicity” as a defining factor in identifying people or background. Instead, a totally human “ethnicity” is created, and humans accept each other, Humans simply will not require, as a space-faring and global species, delineations of race. What comes out of this is a society where regionalism is embraced (identification based on your immediate physical place) and where racism can no longer occur.

This will occur in tandem with a combination of a new slate, a more regional based day to day life (better for culture and happiness) and a strong identity and sense of being as earthlings and humans.