unchained from time and space


One major factor which needs to be taken into account when considering the future is that transportation and communications times are approaching a net of zero. What will be the impact of being able to be virtually anywhere, immediately? This is for oneself to consider. Simply imagine the world being far more connected than how the internet today, and far more interactive.

A regional/ globalized world will be the contradiction that comes out of this age. The ability to get to other places, or connect with other places, instantaneously means a world that is globally connected all the time. And at the same time, we do not need the sprawling physical connection that is place.

Humans will live in hyper-connected but local oriented settlements (based on historical centres) around the world but especially in the more livable northern hemisphere. These places will develop extremely unique cultures of their own, because of their density, but will also be coherent with the rest of earth society. Settlements will be physically connected, even though they will be physically distant from one another, by high speed rail continentally and hypersonic jets intercontinentally. These systems will be administered at every point by hyperintelligent AI, optimizing the systems to make them most efficient. Travel and movement will be an essential aspect of future life.