I used to be a prolific tweeter, so my friends made me this gift.

Can you differentiate @GCEH from his digital twin? This bot was introduced to Geoff by his friends. They had scraped his 14k+ tweet archive between 2009-2022 and trained a machine learning algorithm on it that would create new tweets given a seed. Incredible. Will @GeoffBot pass the Turing Test? (

In this test you will first differentiate @GCEH original tweets from those generated by @GeoffBot from the seed of that original tweet. In other words, if @GCEH tweeted “Bananas make me… want to inspire revolt in the proletariat” @GeoffBot might have tweeted “Bananas make me… happy”.

Except it’s not that simple, this bot is good. Try your best and through a whole bunch of samples, see if @GeoffBot passes the Imitation Game! Let’s say that if you identify less than 50% of Geoff’s original tweets: that bot is pretty good.

But that’s only the first part of the quiz. The second part is derived from the collective intelligence of Geoff’s Bachelor Party night (if there ever was more of an oxymoron) where partygoers also came up with their own best GCEH-like responses to the seed – and played their own live instance of the test. Therefore, you will have to differentiate between original @GCEH, @GeoffBot, and crowdsourced @GeofffriendsCI.

Rules recap: You must select the original, genuine @gceh tweet from each question!  You can also choose to simply add your own response to the seed on a separate playthrough.

Really grateful to my amazing friends for putting this together, what a special gift and experience to receive.

Have fun and happy hunting!

Check out the GeoffBot Turing Test via Adam & Kelly Here

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